My name is Jessica, 22 years old Indonesian living in Adelaide, Australia. Welcome to my blog! I will share about fashion, food and travel in between my full time job.



Fashion is my passion. I always want to work in fashion industry, as a designer or a model since I was a kid, but unfortunately I’m not tall #shortpeopleproblems 😅. I remember when I was a kid, I used to worn Mum’s high heels, handbags and makeup just to play dress up at home. And now I can dress up wearing my own stuff to go out, even tho there are days when I’m too lazy for it 😛.


Food is my full time job. Yes!! I am a Chef! I’m working full time at one of Adelaide’s best restaurant. Not only I love cooking food, I love eating a lot of different kind of food. On my day off I like to dine out and trying new different restaurants across Adelaide. Most of the time I go out for brunch with my friends.


Different cities, different countries. Exploring the world is one of my dream. To be honest with my full time job as a Chef right now, I don’t have a lot of free time to travel far. But I will still try to always share my short trips around Adelaide!! and hopefully overseas holiday soon!!